The Great Dane Lovers Association of WA Incorporated is highly active and holds events for members throughout the year. Each month except May and October, the club organises a walk on the second Sunday morning in the metropolitan area. The location is moved around so that members can attend those closer to them. The walk is a great opportunity for Great Danes to socialise, on-lead, and for members to catch up with each other. The walks generally last about an hour and start at 10am. In May, Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday and the club does not hold a walk. However, generally an informal walk(s) is orgainsed and members can attand if they elect to. In October the club holds the Annual Fun Day in the afternoon with fun competitions, raffles, and a family afternoon out. The December monthly walk is the Christmas Walk with a Secret Santa for the dogs, Christmas costume competition and usually a splash in the Swan River.

Please note: In the really hot WA Summer months of January, February and possibly March, the monthly Walks will commence at 9am as Great Danes feel the heat very significantly.

In between the organised events, many members use the Members Table to arrange play-dates for their Danes and others they get on well with and many long-term friendships are born for both the human and the Dane. Membership to the club allows those of us who are passionate Great Dane Lovers the chance to share that experience with other people who feel the same way!

The club welcomes guests along to our walks as a means of educating people about Great Danes, viewing a variety of ages, colours, sizes and personalities and spending time with Dane owners to learn about the breed. Guests must be invited via the club secretary to attend a walk or the Fun Day. If you are considering a Dane and have another dog, we would also encourage you to bring that dog along to see how they would like having a Great Dane brother or sister. Our ‘honorary Great Danes’ come in many sizes and shapes and are as welcome as members of the club, and at events as the Great Danes are.

If you would like to attend a walk as a guest, please contact our club president.