Committee Members

The committee meets a few times during the year to discuss issues regarding the club. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please contact us using the details provided below and on the contact us page of this site.

President & Social Media Coordinator - Nicole McPheat

Nicole is responsible for the social media presence of the club via Facebook and widening the club's profile via social media as well as the Facebook group maintenance.

My husband Drew, 10 year old son Zane and I share our home & life with our 3 year old Dane girl Nera and 2 year old Dane boy Ronan (aka Pony) and a very vocal rescue ragdoll cat called Spike. Nera is our first Dane together, however I have previously owned 3 Danes - one as a child, and 2 as soon as I moved out of home at 18.

We have been members for almost 3 years now, and been this is my third year on the committee. I am extremely passionate about Danes - for all their size, they are so 'fragile' in many ways an there can be so many challenges in being 'owned' by one and I believe the club provides both opportunities for socialising & education, but also community support. It's been a wonderful experience for me to watch the club grow and expand in these past few years, and welcome new people to joy that our special breed provides

Vice President and IT Coordinator - Paul Dowling

Unofficial extra roles: Resident Fool and 'Dad Joke' Acquisition and Delivery Manager

Paul is a long-term fan of Danes, but only recently acquired his first rescue Dane, Timber. Timber is famous for having the longest tongue of any dog on the planet, and being completely inappropriate at every opportunity. Paul is famous for being Timber's dad.

He lives with his partner and an eclectic menagerie of dogs, cats, horses and chickens.

Treasurer - Sandie Davis

Secretary & Memberships Coordinator - Marie Donohoe

Rescue Coordinator - Lisa Godber

Lisa as our hardworking rescue coordinator is making sure all Danes that are rehomed via GDLAWA are matched to their best possible home. She accepts surrenders, finds fosters but also works with other rescue agencies or private individuals where possible to rehome Danes throughout Perth.

I've been a member of GDLAWA for over eight years with Odie, and it's been amazing watching the club grow to include so many wonderful Danes and their owners. I still look forward to the second Sunday of each month as much as I did 8 years ago. Odie will be 9 years old in August. He has been my inspiration and right hand man in helping others build a relationship with their dog to be everything they hoped it would be. In the last ten months I've been able to make one of my dreams become a reality and actually include Odie and other dogs in my work.

Every dog teaches me something new and I love helping people with their dogs using a common sense approach. Odie and I will begin another chapter of our lives together in the next month as we join Animal Companions. We'll be visiting nursing homes and children's hospitals to bring joy to those who share the love of dogs but aren�t in a position to have one in their lives. Odie gets as much pleasure working a crowd as I do watching him so I think we're really going to love it. Recently I've taken on the position of Rescue Co-ordinator for the GDLAWA. After serving a short apprenticeship in a support role, it was time to step up to give others a break who have tirelessly run rehome & rescue.

Already it's proved to be both rewarding and challenging. The flood gates opened and in just one month we've been involved with 8 dogs requiring some level of assistance and countless owners and potential homes.

Rescue Team Member & Walk Coordinator - Stubby Devine

Stubby is a Rescue Team members which means he assists Lisa with enquiries, visits Danes in rescue and visits families interested in rehoming a Dane from the GDLAWA. He is also the monthly Walk Coordinator which means he is scouting for locations to determine the next walk for our enjoyment, and writes the Walk emails which the secretary forwards to the members.

Terry (Stubby) Devine has had an assortment of dogs for over thirty years, all of which have been rescues or re-homes including a couple of strays that wandered in and never left. Stubby has always had a Love for Great Danes but unable to put one in his life due mainly to work commitments in the Drilling Industry and the later years, an aging old Staffy cross called Sally. When Sally died in 2010 of age and cancer she was twelve and a half and left a huge hole in the family, to fill that hole, the whole family went to look at a re-home Dane named Ruby who was being separated from a Male Dane named Axle who was also being re-homed, she had lived with him from ten weeks to eighteen months old, who were both in very poor condition. You guessed it, they both went home with Stubby and his family in 2011 and are thriving to the present day.

Axle and Ruby Have made such an impact on Stubby he has said "There will always be Danes and only Danes in this home from now on."

Rescue Team Member - Suzanne Smith

Suz is a Rescue Team member working with Lisa.

Rescue Team Member - Sarah Snell

Sarah is a Rescue Team member working with Lisa.

Support Group Coordinator - Trish Neill

Trish is our Support Group Coordinator, which means she finds buddies for new members or guests on their first walk, and is there to offer assistance for anyone needing help or controlled socialisation with their Danes. She also has the world's largest supply of matching collars and leads.

Magazine Coordinator - Fleur Rondoni

Fleur creates our fabulous newsletters for the members to enjoy, and will post relevant articles in the GDLAWA group.

Merchandise Coordinator - Patty Van Der Stroom

GDLAWA Committee Public Contact details

Rescue Coordinator - Rescue (Lisa) 0438 833 626 -
Public Liaison - President (Nicole) 0410 616 278 -
Memberships - Secretary (Marie) -