The GDLAWA is being pro-active in trying to help rescue Danes and Danes that need a new home due to a change in circumstances. The Association has contacted every metropolitan, and major country towns' pounds & rescue centres asking them to contact the GDLAWA if a Dane comes into their care. When the association is contacted, we will do our best to find the owners or a home for the Dane.

Our Rescue Coordinator keeps a Waiting List of people who have been screened as appropriate for becoming a Great Dane owner and as needy dogs become available, they will be added to the website and/or the list of people will be contacted to see if there is a match. Not every person offering will be considered for a rescue and we do not mean to offend. We do not contact every person for every Dane. We aim to match the dog with the right home so if a dog came in that was not good with cats or small animals and someone on the Waiting List had those pets, they would not be contacted. The goal is always for the Great Dane to go to its permanent home via this process so we do as much as we can to ensure that. If a Dane is a purely ‘re-home’ situation, the prospective owners will be put in touch with the existing owners, arrange to meet and the current owners will make the final decision. If the Dane is a rescue that has been surrendered to the GDLAWA, the Rescue Coordinator will make the final decision. It is important to note that the GDLAWA does not have kennels and cannot take dogs easily into care. We rely upon fostering by experienced members and at all times, their own pet’s safety is paramount. The GDLAWA cannot rescue Great Dane crosses but can add them to the website and assist in making the Waiting List aware of them needing a new home.

If a dog is in the care of another agency, we will happily load the details onto our website but the adoption process will be via the agency that has current ownership of the Great Dane. We work with all of the Rescue Agencies in WA and have a network across the country to assist in successful rehoming as needed but we are a small club and the Rescue Programme is supported entirely by member’s fees and donations. If medical costs have been incurred in the care of a Great Dane, the new owner will be asked to contribute towards those costs to compensate the club to a nominal value.

Donations made to the GDLAWA assist with providing foster care when needed, medical care and at times, behavioural training as needed. Should you wish to make a donation to the Great Dane Lovers Association of WA to assist this work, you can make a Direct Deposit into the club’s bank account using these details:

Great Dane Lovers Assoc
BSB: 086131
Account: 564323649

Please use the Reference “RES YOUR NAME” so that our Treasurer can allocate the monies received. A receipt will be issued if you use the Contact Us link and send us your name and address by email. Once we can match your details with the donation on our account, we will email the receipt with our great appreciation.

We will list on this page details of any Danes that are in need of a home. If there are no dogs listed, then please check again soon, we rescue or rehome 50 Great Danes a year on average, so this page is very active.

If you are interested in taking a rescue Dane full-time or just on a temporary basis, please contact the association.

Yes, I would be interested in helping one of the Danes listed below, or being added to the list
(When using this link please remember to include a phone number so we can contact you at short notice)

If you have an urgent re-homing enquiry please contact Lisa on 0438 833 626.

The GDLAWA is part of a national network of Great Dane clubs across Australia working to support Danes needing homes. Terrific information and details of Great Danes needing homes nationally is available by visiting the Great Dane Rescue & Rehoming website.


Photo of Zane

Zane Large Male Great Dane - PetRescue

This is Zane and what a sweet and happy boy he is. He's 5 years old and looking for a new family to love and to throw his ball for him. He'd love to enjoy a bit of land to stretch out. Zane has lived with cats and chickens however he'd need a careful introduction with any new pets to set the right tone. He hasn't meet other dogs for quite some time and by nature is an excitable boy so it would need to be a slow introduction to see if we can achieve a compatible match. Zane would be happy on his own so long as he gets lots of his human, a good walk a day and chill time inside with the family.

Zane's life hasn't been very open so he's looking for a parent who will take it slow with him, build his confidence in the big wide world and teach him all he needs to know. His lose lead walking needs a lot of work and some consistency will help Zane with his basic training.

Zane loves people and is guilty of being a little too excited and extra friendly with his energetic approach. If you cast a spell with belly rubs, he'll chill out to lap it up before more loving leans.

We'd love to find a giant dog experienced owner for Zane. He really is a joyful young at heart fella with so much potential. Zane just needs a confident owner to give him good clear direction and a chance to catch up on life skills. He is going to make the best of best friends.

Photo of Boston

Boston Large Male Great Dane Mix - PetRescue

Boston is a 16 month old Great X Neo Mastiff. He's a big, loving, happy, super curious, drop dead gorgeous, slobbery boy. Boss as he's affectionately known, is far from the Boss. In fact, he's looking for a boss with the experience needed to take him into adulthood with continued training and direction. Boss is frightened of new things which mixed with his puppy exuberance when he finds something he's interested in can make for bumpy walks. Boss pulls on the lead quite a bit still so while he masters lose lead walking, he's going to need someone who is strong enough to manage his training.

Boston's fear and worry about surroundings made group classes difficult as a younger pup. His confidence has grown on his regular walking routes, however new surroundings or sometimes even a single item can make him unsure. He has been exposed to other dogs previously in a local dog playgroup, however it wasn't a suitable group due to his size and his puppylike bouncing and being allowed to chase others resulted him not being a desired group member. To get him socialised again, he will need to start from the basics and at first with one-on-one sessions with a trainer, slow dog introductions and with a view to join a suitable group again.

Boss loves chasing birds and cats, cockroaches, bobtails, turtles - just about anything moving in the bush. And he is not snake trained. Boss hasn't shown aggression towards creatures, but a lot of work and constant supervision would be required if he were exposed to smaller critters.

He is not crazy about his baths but loves playing with garden sprinklers and doesn't miss an opportunity to pop into a muddy puddle on his walks.

Boston is an indoor pet, a true Velcro dog and follows the chosen one everywhere, even the toilet if he can. Despite him having his own cot bed and outdoor couch on the balcony, he is prone to sneaking into a human's bed or lounge on the sofa if there's a chance. Even once Boss is a confident boy, being a close companion will still likely be where he'll be happiest.

Boston loves having his people around. Even though he is used to having someone at home most of the time, he can be left alone for several hours. He has been using a doggy door to let himself out for his toilet needs.

Boston is not a noisy dog, so his neighbours are more than happy for him to hang out front and watch passing people and dogs through the fence. He will woof if a stranger comes up to the house entrance.

Kids plastic toys are seen as chew toys, he'll tear up teddies, but doesn't really care for dog toys at this stage. He doesn't chase the ball much but is happy to play soccer with a punctured (by him) basketball.

Boston loves his belly scratches and cuddles. He is very affectionate with his family but stand offish with strangers so can't be rushed into meeting new people. He has grown up with children and could suit a dog savvy family where kids are over 10.

Boss is at a real pivotal stage of life where with the right training and owner, he'll flourish into the most incredible companion dog in no time at all. He's an adorable boy, his softness is very endearing and with an in tune experienced owner it won't be hard at all to grow his confidence. Boss has the most enormous potential which he is yet to realised.


This page last modified 19th September 2022